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When you are deciding on a new hairstyle it is always the same process of trying to find the perfect hairstyle. We go through endless hairstyle picture books and magazine looking in desperation for that one hairstyle that is going to look great on our hair.

These days celebrity hair is as much as an inspiration when we are scouting for a new hairstyle. Celebrity hairstyle pictures are in nearly every magazine and we get to see celebrity hair in all sorts of styles.

The problem is that with there being so many celebrity hair pictures around it can be a bit of a chore finding enough in one place to help you pick out your new hairstyle.

So, here at Celebrity Hairstyle Pictures, we have collected a bunch of celebrity hair pictures that represent a variety of hairstyles all in one place. This way no matter if you are looking for an updo, a short style, a long hairstyle, a medium style or ebony hairstyles you can find them all here in one place.

We have even put together a few collections of celebrity hairstyle pictures of celebrity women that are fashion hair icons. It can be fun to see how celebrity hair on women such as Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani and even Paris Hilton change through the years.

Happy celebrity hairstyle hunting!

Celebrity Hair - Updo Hairstyles
celebrity hair updo
celebrity hairstyle updo
If you are looking for an updo hairstyle then these celebrity hairstyle pictures should put you on the right track. We have put together a few pages of pictures of celebrity hair where every hairstyle picture is an updo. There is great variety in their updo hairstyles so there should be some inspiration found amongst the celebrity hairstyle pictures.
Celebrity Hair - Long Hairstyles
celebrity hair long
long hairstyle celebrity
Who doesn't love beautiful long celebrity hair? In this section we have found some great long hairstyles on celebrity heads that will have you feeling glam and feminine even if you have never been anywhere near a red carpet.
Celebrity Hair - Medium Hairstyles
celebrity hair medium
medium celebrity hairstyle
When you don't want the upkeep of a long hairstyle but you aren't ready to go for a short hairstyle then a medium hairstyle is probably the choice for your next hairstyle. These are all great celebrity hairstyle pictures of sexy female celebrities with their celebrity hair worn in medium hairstyles.
Celebrity Hair - Short Hairstyles
short celebrity hairstyle
celebrity hair short
You can have a short hairstyle and still look all woman! These celebrity hairstyle pictures are proving that! We have made sure there are enough celebrity hair pictures of short hairstyles to show you just how much variety there can be in female short hairstyles.
Celebrity Hair - Ebony Hairstyles
ebony celebrity hairstyle
celebrity hair ebony
These beautiful ebony celebrities each have beautiful ebony hairstyles and we have put them together in a collection of hot ebony celebrity hair so that when you are ready for your new ebony hairstyle you can have a ton of ebony celebrity hair examples from which to pick.
Celebrity Hair - Gwen Stefani Hair
gwen stefani hair
gwen stefani hairstyle
Gwen Stefani always has great hair. Gwen Stefani hairstyles may not always been hairstyles that the average woman could pull off but they certainly are inspirational and fun to watch!
Celebrity Hair - Jennifer Aniston Hair
jennifer aniston hair
jennifer aniston hair
Jennifer Aniston is a true hairstyle icon. Not only did Jennifer Aniston hair give us 'The Rachel' but she has continued to inspire us with her stylish and functional hairstyles that are never that far out of reach for the real woman.
Celebrity Hair - Paris Hilton Hair
paris hilton hairstyle
paris hilton hair
Regardless of what you may think of Paris Hilton it is hard to deny that she has hit the red carpet with some stunning celebrity hairstyles. This collection of Paris Hilton hair is beautiful to look at if just to see how many different ways one woman can wear her hair in an updo.
Celebrity Hair - Victoria Beckham Hair
victoria beckham hair
victoria beckham hairstyle
Victoria Beckham and fashion go hand in hand and her celebrity hair is no exception. It is amazing to see how many starkly different hairstyles one celebrity head can pull off over the years.