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Everybody loves having an up do hairstyle now and then and with the amount of fancy occasions celebrity hair has to go to then it is no wonder that so many celebrity women sport up do hairstyles so often.

This is a collection of celebrity hairstyle pictures where each picture of celebrity hair is an up do hairstyle. Hopefully you can find an up do hairstyle amongst this celebrity hair that inspires you for the next time you need an updo hairstyle.

Anna Popplewell and Ashlee Simpson Up Do Hairstyles
anna popplewell hairstyle
ashlee simpson hairstyle
In these celebrity hair pictures Anna Popplewell and Ashlee Simpson are demonstrating how different an up do hairstyle can be. Anna Popplewell has hair hair back in a classic bun up do hairstyle. For Ashlee Simpson, her celebrity up do hairstyle is more modern with loose hair around her face. Both are great celebrity hairstyles.
Blake Lively Up Do Celebrity Hairstyle
black lively hairstyle
blake lively hairstyle
By seeing this up do hairstyle from Blake Lively from both the front and side of the up do hairstyle it should give you a better idea of how it was constructed if you try to recreate her up do hairstyle at home. The way that Blake Lively has kept he up do celebrity hairstyle looking neat and tidy but yet created the sense of a loose style really fits her style of celebrity beauty.
Calista Flockhart and Cat Deeley Celebrity Hairstyles
calista flockhart hairstyle
cat deeley hairstyle
In these up do hairstyle, Calista Flockhart and Cat Deeley show that there doesn't have to be just one volume level to an up do hairstyle. Calista Flockhart has kept her celebrity hairstyle fairly flat to her head while Cat Deeley has really gone for a high volume with her celebrity hairstyle updo.
Cate Blanchett Up Do Celebrity Hairstyle
cate blanchett hairstyle
cate blanchett hairstyle
Cate Blanchett always looks classy on the red carpet and in this celebrity hair picture she is looking especially classy with her up do hairstyle. The celebrity hairstyle looks classically beautiful from the front and then when Cate Blanchett turns her head to the side we can see the beautiful twist work that has gone into her up do hairstyle.
Charlize Theron and Christine Lankin Celebrity Up Do
charlize theron hairstyle
christine lankin hairstyle
Charlize Theron is certainly no monster with this updo hairstyle and Christine Lankin is looking every inch the celebrity beauty with her hair in this up do hairstyle that features a loose bang.
Daniela Pestova and Diane Kruger Blonde Up Do Hair
daniela pestova hairstyle
diane kruger hairstyle
Daniela Pestova and Diane Kruger are showing how nice blonde hair can look in an up do hairstyle. Both of the celebrity hairstyles are a tight updo hairstyle and both really show off their stunning bone structure by keeping the celebrity hair off of their face.
Elizabeth Banks and Emily Deschanel Brunette Up Do
elizabeth banks hairstyle
emily deschanel hairstyle
Blondes don't always have the most fun and Elizabeth Banks and Emily Deschanel are holding up the end for brunettes with these up do hairstyles. Both celebrity hair pictures show how nice a brunette up do hairstyle can look.