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Everybody loves having an up do hairstyle now and then and with the amount of fancy occasions celebrity hair has to go to then it is no wonder that so many celebrity women sport up do hairstyles so often.

This is a collection of celebrity hairstyle pictures where each picture of celebrity hair is an up do hairstyle. Hopefully you can find an up do hairstyle amongst this celebrity hair that inspires you for the next time you need an updo hairstyle.

eva mendes hairstyle
florentine weiss hairstyle
Eva Mendes and Florentine Weiss both of their celebrity hair up in an updo hairstyle that is very different from the other. Florentine Weiss has set her celebrity hairstyle updo off in a very soft and feminine way with her pink flowers and braid through the middle whilst Eva Mendes has gone from a strong bang that screams sexuality.
hillary duff hairstyle
hillary duff hairstyle
Hillary Duff is looking beautiful here with her blonde hair up in an up do hairstyle that is loosely framing her face and looks a bit like a messy but pretty ponytail in the back.
imogen thomas hairstyle
jennifer morrison hairstyle
Imogen Thomas is showing us all why she is a former Miss Wales with her upswept up do hairstyle. The height on the top of her celebrity hair shows off her high cheekbones. Jennifer Morrison is also showing off the shape of her face with her celebrity hair.
julianne hough hairstyle
kate mara hairstyle
Julianne Hough and Kate Mara are using their celebrity updo hairstyles to show that an up do hairstyle doesn't have to be boring. Julianne Hough has made her classic bun up do hairstyle stand apart with the braid that runs along the start of the bun. Kate Mara has jazzed up her celebrity hairstyle with some funky hair accessories to make the up do hairstyle stand out.
kate moss hairstyle
katherine jenkins hairstyle
Kate Moss and Katherine Jenkins both have their blonde celebrity hair up in an updo hairstyle that most women could make work for their own hair. Kate Moss has a loose bang hairstyle and Katherine Jenkins is looking effortlessly classic in her side swept updo hairstyle.
kim catrall hairstyle
maria menounos hairstyle
Kim Catrall and Maria Menounos are both looking ultra classy with their celebrity hairstyle updo. Both Kim Catrall and Marian Menunous look fit for the red carpet with their celebrity hairstyles.