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Each of these beautiful celebrity ebony women has a great ebony celebrity hairstyle. We have collected these examples of celebrity hairstyles and ebony hairstyles to help inspire you when you are looking for your next celebrity hairstyle.

These Ebony hairstyles shown on this collection of celebrity hair shows just how versatile ebony hair can be.

Alesha Dixon and Casandra Bate Celebrity Black Hairstyle
alesha dixon hairstyle
casandra bate hairstyle
Alesha Dixon and Casandra Bate are showing with their celebrity hair that ebony hairstyles can be different lengths and still look great. Alesha Dixon is looking foxy with her long ebony hair and Casandra is rocking the vixen look with her chin length ebony hairstyle.
Denise Lewis and Elsie Neal Celebrity Black Hairstyle
denise lewis hairstyle
elsie neal hairstyle
Denise Lewis and Elsie Neal both look sexy and feminine with their short ebony hairstyles. Their short and functional ebony celebrity hairstyles are both practical and attractive particularly with their strong bone structure.
Eve and Fatima Neal Celebrity Black Hairstyle
eve hairstyle
fatima hairstyle
Eve and Fatima have two very different ebony hairstyles but they both make their celebrity hair work for them. Eve's long ebony hairstyle works with the shape of her face and Fatima's super short ebony hairstyle shows off her amazing cheekbones and shoulders.
Gabrielle Union and Gloria Ruben Celebrity Black Hairstyle
gabrielle union hairstyle
gloria ruben hairstyle
Gabrielle Union and Gloria Ruben show how curls in ebony hairstyles can work at different lengths. Gabrielle Union is really making her big curls work on her celebrity hair and Gloria Ruben is showing how nice tight curls can look on shorter ebony hair.
Halle Berry and Jada Pinkett Smity Celebrity Black Hairstyle
halle berry hairstyle
jada pinket smith
Halle Berry and and Jada Pinkett Smith are both looking fantastic with their long black hairstyle. They sexy long black hairstyle really looks like celebrity hair and makes them both look like true vixens.
Janell Snowden and Joy Bryant Celebrity Black Hairstyle
janell snowdon hairstyle
joy bryant hairstyle
Janell Snowden and Joy Bryant are also both sporting long black hairstyles but with their celebrity hair they are showing how a long black hairstyle with a blunt bang can look great either totally straight or how just adding a few waves can really jazz it up.
Karina Pasian and Keri Hilson Celebrity Black Hairstyle
karina pasian hairstyle
keri hilson hairstyle
Karina Pasian and Keri Hilson have gone with the shoulder length black hairstyle for their celebrity hair. Yet, they are both wearing their black hairstyles in a very different way. Karina Pasian looks ultra modern and hip with the curly waves she has put into her black hairstyle. Keri Hilson on the other hand looks really sophisticated with her straight and blunt black hairstyle.