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Each of these beautiful celebrity ebony women has a great ebony celebrity hairstyle. We have collected these examples of celebrity hairstyles and ebony hairstyles to help inspire you when you are looking for your next celebrity hairstyle.

These Ebony hairstyles shown on this collection of celebrity hair shows just how versatile ebony hair can be.


Kelly Rowland Celebrity Black Hairstyle
kelly rowland hairstyle
kelly rowland hairstyle
Kelly Rowland is using her celebrity hair to show how one black haircut can be styled differently to suit the occasion. Kelly Rowland simply has to add a few waves to her long ebony hairstyle to go from business to red carpet.
Kimberley Locke And Nayo Wallace Celebrity Black Hairstyle
kimberly locke hairstyle
nayo wallace hairstyle
Kimberley Locke and Nayo Wallace as going opposite directions with their black hairstyles. Kimberley Locke is going for a shoulder length black hairstyle with loads of volume and Nayo Wallace is going for a really short natural black hairstyle.
Selita Ebanks and Serena Williams Celebrity Black Hairstyle
selita ebanks hairstyle
serena williams hairstyle
Selita Ebanks and Serena Williams are both using the parting in their celebrity black hairstyle to make their celebrity hair work for them. Selita Ebanks has parted her ebony hairstyle straight down the middle and add to the beauty of her long sex black hair. Serena Williams on the other hand has parted her black hairstyle to the side to add volume and frame her pretty face.
Sincerely Ward and Tichina Arnold Celebrity Black Hairstyle
sincerley ward hairstyle
tichina arnold hairstyle
Sincerely Ward and Tichina Arnold are showing how to make the volume on your black hairstyle work for you. Sincerely Ward has added a ton of volume to her celebrity hair with a bunch of ebony curls whilst Tichina Arnold is making the most of her face shape by keeping her sleek hair close to her face.
Tia and Tamara Mowry Celebrity Black Hairstyle
tamara mowry hairstyle
tia mowry hairstyle
Tamara Mowry and Tia Mowry couldn't be any better than showing how a black hairstyle can really change the look of a face. Tia and Tamara are twins but their celebrity black hairstyles really set them apart from each other. Tamara Mowry and her long wavy hair give a look of soft black beauty whereas Tia Mowry and her short sharp cut makes her look sexy and sophisticated.
Zee James and Zoe Kravitz Celebrity Black Hairstyle
zee james hairstyle
zoe kravits hairstyle
Zee James and Zoe Kravitz are also showing the different lengths that black hairstyles can take. Zee James looks great with her long curly black hair and Zoe Kravitz looks hip and stylish with her shaggy and short black hairstyle.