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When it comes to celebrity hair and personal hairstyle choices there is little that looks as feminine as a long hairstyle. All of these pictures of celebrity hair are great examples of celebrity hair in a long hairstyle. There are so many different long hairstyles demonstrated on celebrity hair that you are bound to find a long hairstyle that would suit your face and personal sense of style.

Alex Curran and Ali Lohan Long Celebrity Hairstyles
alex curran hairstyle
ali lohan hairstyle
Alex Curran and Ali Lohan are both sporting long hairstyles with their celebrity hair and they are showing how great a long hairstyle can look on both blonde and dark hair. Alex Curran looks stunning with her long straight blonde hairstyle and Ali Lohan is looking pretty with her the long loose curls in her long hairstyle.
Amy Pearson and Ashley Newbourgh Celebrity Hairstyles
amy pearson hairstyle
ashley newbrough hairstyle
Amy Pearson and Ashley Newbourgh are both looking great with their long hairstyle and layered bangs. Both of the celebrity hairstyles really suit the shape of their faces and the long hairstyle dusting their shoulders give their celebrity hair a real sense of femininity.
Carrie Underwood's Long Celebrity Hairstyle
carrie underwood hairstyle
carrie underwood hairstyle
Carrie Underwood looks so beautiful with her long hairstyle that we wanted to have a look at her celebrity hair from two sides to make it easier to duplicate. Carrie Underwood's long celebrity hairstyle is the sort of long hairstyle that would look great for everyday hair but can easily be made to look glamorous enough for the red carpet.
Cat Deeley and Catherine Mcphee Long Celebrity Hairstyles
cat deeley hairstyle
catherine mcphee hairstyle
Cat Deeley and Catherine Mcphee both have a fairly similar long hairstyle but yet are making it look fresh on their own celebrity hair. Both of their long hairstyles start out pretty much straight on the top of their heads and end in a cascade of wavy curls.
Daisy Fuentes and Eliza Dushku Long Celebrity Hairstyles
daisy fuentes hairstyle
eliza dushku hairstyle
Daisy Fuentes and Eliza Dushku have long hairstyles that demonstrate what a difference a bit of volume can make on any hair including celebrity hair. Daisy Fuentes looks like a true vixen with her big hair whilst Eliza Dushku looks more delicately feminine with long hairstyle that fits tighter to her head.
Ellen Page and Emily West Long Celebrity Hairstyles
ellen page hairstyle
emily west hairstyle
Ellen Page and Emily West have long hairstyles that that show how diverse long hair can be. Ellen Page has a long hairstyle that is suited for a young woman in a casual situation whereas Emily West is using her celebrity hair to show how Hollywood glam a long hairstyle can look.
Eva Longoria and Giulia Elettra Gorietti Long Celebrity Hairstyles
eva longoria hairstyle
giulia elettra gorietti hairstyle
Eva Longoria and Giulia Elettra Gorietti are showing off their celebrity hair to give us an example of how you can get a sleek and elegant look such as Eva Longoria's long hairstyle of a soft and very feminine look with the long hairstyle that Giulia Elettra Gorietti has with her celebrity hair.