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When it comes to celebrity hair and personal hairstyle choices there is little that looks as feminine as a long hairstyle. All of these pictures of celebrity hair are great examples of celebrity hair in a long hairstyle. There are so many different long hairstyles demonstrated on celebrity hair that you are bound to find a long hairstyle that would suit your face and personal sense of style.

Jane Krakowski and Jessica Stam Long Celebrity Hairstyles
jane krakowski hairstyle
jessica stam hairstyle
Jane Krakowski and Jessica Stam both have long hairstyles that really suit their blonde celebrity hair. The layering on Jane Krakowski's long hairstyle really helps to fill out her narrow face and make her look very sexy. Jessica Stam has a long hairstyle that beautifully sets off her amazing eyes.
Juliette Lewis and Kelly Brook Long Celebrity Hairstyles
juliette lewis hairstyle
kelly brook hairstyle
Juliette Lewis and Kelly Brook both hair long hairstyles that show what a difference bangs can make to a celebrity hairstyle. Juliette Lewis and her very blunt bangs makes her look edgy while Kelly Brook looks soft and sexy with her broad bang that frames her beautiful face.
Kristin Davis and Lisa Snowdon Long Celebrity Hairstyles
kristin davis hairstyle
lisa snowdon hairstyle
Both Kristin Davis and Lisa Snowdon have beautiful long brunette celebrity hair that shows how sexy a long hairstyle can be. Kristin Davis has kept her long hairstyle straight and classic while Lisa Snowdon has added a few well placed waves to her celebrity hair to make it stand out in a crowd.
Lucy Kate and Minka Kelly Long Celebrity Hairstyles
lucy kate hairstyle
minka kelly hairstyle
Lucy Kate and Minka Kelly both look stunning in these long hairstyle pictures. Lucy Kate really suits the long flowing dark celebrity hair and Minka Kelly looks fun and fantastic with her long hairstyle held back at the sides with braids.
Mischa Barton and Nadine Velazquez Long Celebrity Hairstyles
mischa barton hairstyle
nadine velazquez hairstyle
Mischa Barton has fantastic long hair and she does so many different things with her celebrity hair but this long hairstyle picture is showing that simply wearing her hair long and straight can look fantastic on her. Nadine Velazquez always looks great too and her long wavy hair makes her look like she is up for a fun night with the girls.
Natassia Malthe and Jessica Stam Long Celebrity Hairstyles
natassia malthe hairstyle
taylor swift hairstyle
Natassia Malthe and Jessica Stam are looking perfect on the red carpet with their fancy long hairstyles. Both of them have styled their celebrity hair with lots of waves and curls to take their long hairstyles from everyday to evening. They are classy long hairstyles but not out of the reach of normal women with normal hair to create at home.