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Gone are the days when a short hairstyle on a woman was considered masculine. These days a short hairstyle can be seen as just as feminine as any other type of hairstyle. You can spot short celebrity hair all over the place and in many different short styles. These celebrity short hairstyle pictures should be a motivation to any woman looking for a new short hairstyle to try out. There are so many different ways to wear short hair that you will be spoilt for choice of style with these celebrity hair pictures.

Alice Evans and Bai Ling Celebrity Short Hairstyles
alice evans hairstyle
bai ling hairstyle
Alice Evans and Bail Ling are showing that not all short hairstyles have to look the same. Alice Evans is using her celebrity short hairstyle to look soft and traditionally feminine with a few curls. Bai Ling on the other hand is using her own celebrity hair to make a statement of being sharp and trendy with her short hairstyle.
Christel Takigawa and Christina Ricci Celebrity Short Hairstyles
christel takigawa hairstyle
Christina ricci hairstyle
Christel Takigawa and Christina Ricci both have short hair styles but with their celebrity hair styles they are demonstrating how short hair comes in different lengths. Christel Takigawa has a very shirt hairstyle that more or less ends at her ears. Christina Ricci on the other hand has her celebrity hair styled in a short hair cut that falls just above her shoulders which both gives her the sophistication of modern short hairstyles but still makes her look very much a woman.
Cynthia Nixon and Daphne Duplaix Celebrity Short Hairstyles
cynthia nixon hairstyle
daphne duplaix hairstyle
Cynthia Nixon and Daphne Duplaix are showing off their chin length celebrity hair. Cynthia Nixon is looking very sexy in the city with her loose look short hairstyle which very much suits her mature style. Daphne Duplaix on the other hand has a sleek and blunt short hair cut that is simply timeless and suits women of various ages.
Diablo Cody and Elsa Zylberstein Celebrity Short Hairstyles
diablo cody hairstyle
elsa zylberstein hairstyle
Diablo Cody and Elsa Zylberstein are demonstrating the difference styled bangs can make to a short hairstyle. Both Diablo and Elsa have a similar length short hair cut with their celebrity hair and they share the same color hairy. Yet, Diablo Cody has a short blunt bangs style that makes her short hairstyle look younger and more hip. Elsa Zylberstein on the other hand has a swept bang with a center parting that looks more mature and appropriate for a sophisticated night on the red carpet.
Jacquetta Wheeler and Jenny McCarthy Celebrity Short Hairstyles
jacquetta wheeler hairstyle
jenny mccarthy hairstyle
Both Jacquetta Wheeler and Jenny McCarthy have short hairstyles but the main difference between their celebrity hair is the addition of curls. Just because a woman has a short hairstyle doesn't mean she can't make an impact with curls. Jenny McCarthy has really vamped up her celebrity hair by adding loose curls to her blonde short hairstyle whilst Jacquetta Wheeler has gone for a straight wet look style.
Jossie Bissett and Kate Micucci Celebrity Short Hairstyles
josie bissett hairstyle
kate micucci hairstyle
Short hairstyles can come in many different varieties and that is exactly what Jossie Bissett and Kate Micucci are showing with their short celebrity hair. Jossie Bissett has gone for a class boy cut and Kate Micucci has come for a more unique short bob hairstyle with lots of flicked out layers.
Katie Holmes and Kimberly Stewart Celebrity Short Hairstyles
katie holmes hairstyle
kimberly stewart hairstyle
Deciding on the length of your short hairstyle can determine the level of dramatic effect the short hair cute has on your face. Katie Holmes has gone for a short hairstyle where her celebrity hair ends bluntly right above her chin which acts to make her face look as sleek as the rest of her body. Kimberly Stewart, however, has gone for a celebrity short hairstyle where the bands end at the top of her cheekbones and the rest of her face is clear from hair. This really makes those cheekbones stand out and gives her a strong look.