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Gone are the days when a short hairstyle on a woman was considered masculine. These days a short hairstyle can be seen as just as feminine as any other type of hairstyle. You can spot short celebrity hair all over the place and in many different short styles. These celebrity short hairstyle pictures should be a motivation to any woman looking for a new short hairstyle to try out. There are so many different ways to wear short hair that you will be spoilt for choice of style with these celebrity hair pictures.

Kyle Bax and Linda Evangelista Celebrity Short Hairstyles
kyle bax
linda evangelista hairstyle
Volume can make a great deal of difference in a short hairstyle. With their celebrity hair, Kyle Bax and Linda Evangelista are showing what different levels of volume can do with a short hairstyle. Kyle Bax has added a great deal of volume to her short hairstyle which has made her face look longer and thinner. Linda Evangelista has gone for a slicked back short hairstyle with very little volume which has given her a sophisticated look.
Lisa Rinna and Lisa Scott Lee Celebrity Short Hairstyles
lisa rinna hairstyle
lisa scott lee hairstyle
Lisa Rinna and Lisa Scott Lee are demonstrating how short hairstyles can work for women of various ages. Lisa Rinna is wearing a very fetching layered short hairstyle that really suits her beautiful mature face. Lisa Scott Lee on the other has a flirty short bob hairstyle that really suits her youthful look.
Mariska Hargitay and Martina Gussman Celebrity Short Hairstyles
mariska hargitay hairstyle
martina gussman hairstyle
Mariska Hargitay and Martina Gussman both have short hairstyles but they are rather different from one another. Mariska Hargitay has a classic short bob hair cut with a side parted bang. Martina Gussman, however, has a much different short hairstyle that is shorter at the back than at the front and is made feminine with lots of flicked layers at the back of her short hairstyle.
Mena Suvari and Miranda Raison Celebrity Short Hairstyles
mena suvari hairstyle
miranda raison hairstyle
Both Mena Suvari and Miranda Raison both have short blonde hairstyles but the simple use of styling products has made their similar short haircuts look so different. Mena Suvari has simply blown her short celebrity hairstyle dry but Miranda Raison has slicked her short hairstyle right back with her styling products and created a very different look for herself.
Natalie Imbruglia Celebrity Short Hairstyle
natalie imbruglia hairstyle
natalie imbruglia hairstyle
With her celebrity hairstyle, Natalie Imbruglia is showing the fun you can have with a short hairstyle. Form the front her short hairstyle looks like simply another short bob hair cut. However, once she turns around we can see just how short she has had her celebrity hair cut in the back.
Rachel Leigh Cook and Sharon Stone Celebrity Short Hairstyles
rachel leigh cook hairstyle
sharon stone hairstyle
Rachel Leigh Cook and Sharon Stone both look fantastic with their celebrity hair done up in short hairstyles. Rachel Leigh Cook has gone for a styling bob hairstyle and blunt bangs that right brighten up her pretty face. Sharon Stone has feathered her short hairstyle to look sharp and sophisticated.