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There is something special about female crossed legs and those female crossed legs are even more special when it is celebrity women with crossed legs.

This is a collection of what we believe to be some of the best celebrity crossed leg pictures around. You can really appreciate the beauty of the celebrity legs when you see them as female crossed legs. Crossed legs not only show off the shapely nature of celebrity legs but also show us how graceful a woman with crossed legs can look.

Alyssa Milano With Crossed Legs

alyssa milano crossed legs
alyssa milano crossed legs
alyssa milano crossed legs
Alyssa Milano really does have beautiful legs and they are especially beautiful when they are crossed legs. Here we can see her female crossed legs in a variety of different ways from crossed bare legs coming out from the bottom of her classy dresses to crossed legs when she is wearing jeans. In either case her crossed legs look really classy and sexy at the same time.
Jennifer Lopez With Crossed Legs
jennifer lopez crossed legs
jennifer lopez with crossed legs
jennifer lopez legs crossed
Everybody knows that Jennifer Lopez has a great booty but she also has a great pair of celebrity legs. Jennifer Lopez's celebrity legs look great as crossed legs and luckily she takes a lot of pictures with crossed legs. Even when she is wearing a long flowing skirts such as in this first Jennifer Lopez picture she still has her legs crossed and shows off her sexy celebrity legs.
Lindsay Lohan With Crossed Legs
lindsay lohan crossed legs
lindsay lohan legs crossed
lindsay lohan crossed legs
Lindsay Lohan might be in the news for uncrossing her celebrity legs a bit too often but when she does have crossed legs it makes her look like a classy lady and shows off how slender her legs are in reality. Regardless of if Lindsay Lohan is a blonde or a brunette on the day she always looks great with crossed legs.
Pamela Anderson With Crossed Legs
pamela anderson legs crossed
pamela anderson crossed legs
pamela anderson with legs crossed
Pamela Anderson is everybody's favorite beach babe and you don't get as famous as she is in a bathing suit if you don't have a great pair of celebrity legs. Even though Pamela Anderson is now off the beach she has still kept those great celebrity legs and she is always a proper lady when she sits for the camera with crossed legs. Even when she has a bunny head on top of those crossed legs from some odd reason.
Paris Hilton With Crossed Legs
paris hilton crossed legs
paris hilton legs crossed
paris hilton with crossed legs
Paris Hilton is probably one of the most famous women in the world at the moment and with a pair of celebrity legs like these crossed legs it is easy to see why so many met around the world lust after Paris Hilton. Even though not everything Paris Hilton does comes off as classy it is hard to say she doesn't look classy when she has her legs crossed like she does in these crossed legs pictures. Paris Hilton knows she has killer celebrity legs and even better for us she knows they look best when they are crossed legs.
Penelope Cruz With Crossed Legs
penelope cruz crossed legs
penelope cruz legs crossed
penelope cruz with legs crossed
Penelope Cruz's hot Latina looks certainly don't end with her crossed legs. This lady is always sitting with crossed legs to show off her beautiful celebrity legs. Even when Penelope Cruz is sitting with pantyhose crossed legs you can still tell how long and sexy her celebrity legs are when she is sitting with her legs crossed.
Rachel Weisz With Crossed Legs
rachel weisz crossed legs
rachel weisz legs crossed
rachel weisz legs crossed
Rachel Weisz is a very talented Oscar winning actress that also happens to be a beautiful woman. If they gave out an Oscar for the best female crossed legs, Rachel Weisz would certainly be in the running for another award. This sexy British lady always drips with class and that is even more so when she sits like a proper lady with crossed legs.
Scarlett Johansson With Crossed Legs
scarlett johansson crossed legs
scarlett johansson legs crossed
scarlett johansson with crossed legs
When you see Scarlett Johansson it is easy to see why she is such a popular woman in Hollywood. As these crossed legs pictures show, even though Scarlett Johansson may have changed her hairstyles throughout the years but one thing she has kept consistent is that she always sits with crossed legs and shows off her famous celebrity legs.
Sharon Stone With Crossed Legs
sharon stone crossed legs
sharon stone legs crossed
sharon stone with crossed legs
Sharon Stone took Hollywood by storm when she uncrossed her legs in Basic Instinct but most of the time the sexy siren sits like a proper lady with crossed legs. Even as Sharon Stone gets older her celebrity legs still look better than just about any woman of any age.