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There is something special about female crossed legs and those female crossed legs are even more special when it is celebrity women with crossed legs.

This is a collection of what we believe to be some of the best celebrity crossed leg pictures around. You can really appreciate the beauty of the celebrity legs when you see them as female crossed legs. Crossed legs not only show off the shapely nature of celebrity legs but also show us how graceful a woman with crossed legs can look.

Amy Smart, Ashley Tisdale And Aylin Mujica With Crossed Legs

amy smart crossed legs
ashley tisdale crossed legs
aylin mujica crossed legs
Amy Smart, Ashley Tisdale and Alyin Mujica are all looking pretty hot and showing off their sexy celebrity legs. They are all sitting with crossed legs and giving us a side on view of those crossed legs so that we can fully see the sexy shape of their celebrity legs.
Caprice, Caridee English And Carrie Underwood With Crossed Legs
caprice crossed legs
caridee english crossed legs
carrie underwood crossed legs
Caprice, Caridee English and Carrie Underwood are all showing us that blondes really do have more fun. Not only only that but these sexy celebrity blondes really know how to show their crossed legs. When they sit with legs crossed and look straight into the camera they show us how great female knees can look when a woman sits with crossed legs.
Diablo Cody, Emma Booth And Fergie With Crossed Legs
diablo cody crossed legs
emma booth crossed legs
fergie crossed legs
Diablo Cody, Emma Booth and Fergie are showing us that no matter what a woman is wearing on her legs that a woman with crossed legs with always been appealing. Diablo Cody's crossed legs with knee high socks are are alluring as Fergie with her bare crossed legs and high heel shoes.
Hiam Abbass, Jamelia And Jenna Jameson With Crossed Legs
hiam abbass
jamelia crossed legs
jenna jameson crossed legs
If anything can show that sitting with crossed legs adds a sense of class to a woman than looking at Jenna Jameson sitting with crossed legs should do that. Jenna Jameson may be an adult star but sitting with crossed legs suddenly makes her look like a lady.
Jenny McCarthy , Kimberly Caldwell And Myleene Klass With Crossed Legs
jenny Mccarthy crossed legs
kimberly caldwell crossed legs
myleene klass legs crossed
Jenny McCarthy is looking every bit the sex kitten here with her celebrity legs crossed in her short dress. Even with Myleene Klass wearing her long ball gown she still manages to make her crossed legs look just as sexy as those of Jenny McCarthy. Showing us that it doesn't matter how short the skirt is of the woman with crossed legs but the fact that her legs are crossed at all that makes those celebrity legs look so sexy.
Nicollette Sheridan And Pressly Tucker With Crossed Legs
nicollette sheridan crossed legs
nicollette sheridan legs crossed
pressly tucker
Nicollette Sheridan looks so beautiful with crossed legs that it was worth posting two pictures of her crossed legs. In both evening wear and a more business looking dress her crossed legs still look amazing and are the envy of women all over the world.
Roselyn Sanchez, Sienna Miller And Zee James With Crossed Legs
roselyn sanchez crossed legs
sienna miller crossed legs
zee james crossed legs
Sienna Miller and Zee James are showing us that a woman doesn't have to have bare legs for her crossed legs to look sexy. Both of them have covered their celebrity legs in jeans but their crossed legs still look shapely and sexy.